Long overdue update

It’s been some time since I have posted on here. However, much has changed in the last few years since I first started this little blog.

Old relationships have died a death that hurt like a bitch, but were a necessary happening in order to make way for new relationships, new love and a way forward for me.

Also, I have come to the conclusion that I believe I suffer from depression. I do not make this statement lightly, nor do I make light of those that have and continue to suffer this most insidious of afflictions. It has taken me a good deal of time to come to the conclusion by myself, and while other people may see it as something else, I’m beginningto realise what is actually going on with myself and why it is going on. Changing it all for the better, however, is not an easy task but, I invariably must do so, if I wish to live, as opposed to simply exist.

I have a new love in my life and she has been a god send and even though we have our moments, we end each day with I love you, and that, is something we all must strive to do. No matter how annoyed you are with that special one, say I love you at the end of the day, just before you go to bed, in order that they are fully aware that you do in fact, love them, no matter what.

Just some things for you all to think about and chew on.



I just thought I’d put this little post up here to intruduce myself.
This is my first attempt at writing a personal blog where I can post anything and everything that is on my mind.
I’m a 38 year old blind guy who enjoys broadcasting, playing guitar and ham radio.
The love of broadcasting and passion for radio and guitar playing, I got from my late music teacher. A blind man who inspired me and whom I loved and respected dearly, despite outward appearances to the contrary.
I won’t ramble on here too much, other than to say, it is good to have my own little corner of the world where I can write my thoughts and feelings down for you all to look over and comment on at your leisure.
I hope to see you all soon.